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Relocate ICTD – IKM

imageRelocate  ICTD 
Relocate  ICTD – IKM 
Identifying ICTD as unique field of development anchored around a technology IKM stressed the need to look beyond simplistic technology transfer models at ICTD 2009 held in Doha Qatar.

Mike Powell director of IKM and Andy Dearden reader of Sheffield Hallam University argued in a background paper that a one size fits all approach would not fit progressive ICTD use in the context of international development. 
“We think ICT4D has to be based at least on a substantial adaptation and often on new invention if it is to achieve newly defined purposes in new settings” said the researchers.

The researchers point out that ICT4D needs to move away from its focus on technology and locate itself within the wider field of informational developments.

Powell and Dearden argue for a revised project cycle in implementing ICTD initiatives.

Flexibility to accommodate external factors and emergent issues associated with ICTD initiatives is emphasized within the revised project cycle proposed by the researchers.

The IKM project has been actively associated with many ICTD initiatives that encourage emergent practice. 

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ICTD 2010
IKM Director Mike Powell will be joining Ann Light of Sheffield Hallam University and Robin Mansell from the London School of Economics and several other researchers at ICTD 2010 panel discussions to take forward the discussion on emergent practice within the sector.

The session will focus on models that can open processes to local engagement in their conception phase and retain responsiveness in their execution.

The Panel Discussion will be held at the Royal Holloway University ICTD 2000 on the 13th of December from 2.30 to 4.00 PM and the session is titled Conceptions of Accountability in Policy and Practice.