Wednesday Feb 04

Lost and Found in Traducture

Lost and Found

Lost and Found in Traducture

The Sidensi/IKM Emergent/ESAACH international interdisciplinary colloquium will address critical issues in traducture by bringing together translation and knowledge management practitioners and networks, researchers, policy makers, advocacy agents, academics, and end users to share insights, experiences, strategies, knowledge, techniques and methodologies.


The symposium seeks to engage with how the question of power plays out in the translation processes and its implications for social justice in knowledge management. The notion ‘traducture’ emanates from the theoretical and empirical premises that multiple knowledges, values and cultures do not always translate in equivalence,nor do communities interact in equal relationships of power, nor are the modes, means and processes of knowledge management the same or similar within or across cultures. In the international development context, the notion goes further to posit that these processes and relationships can at times be “asymmetrical”. The symposium seeks to explore the complexities this presents to knowledge production and management in intercultural contexts though highlighting in/commensurability within and between source and target cultures and how these are managed through translation in interdisciplinary and multiple knowledge contexts.


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